The Wild Mushroom basic encyclopedia ( C )

The Wild Mushroom basic encyclopedia ( C )

The Wild Mushroom basic encyclopedia ( C )

  Ⅳ, Thelephora bacteria

  Basic Introduction

  The wizened bacteria, also known as 松毛 bacteria, every year from July to September growth in Masson pine tree. This bacteria does not cap and gills, tufted such as bovine teeth-like, it is commonly known as bovine teeth bacteria. Thelephora bacteria just unearthed was brown, dark brown when mature. The meat is hard, dry, containing calcium, protein, thiamine and other nutrients, rich flavor resembles corned beef dry. Corned beef jerky the local people called Thelephora, thus the bacteria name Thelephora bacteria.

  Nutritional value

  Thelephora bacteria rich flavor and tender and sweet, mayonnaise, meat is tough and dry, mellow lingering aftertaste, chewing Endless, containing nutrients such as calcium, iron, protein, thiamine, and has a rich flavor generally resembles corned beef jerky. Corned beef dry the masses called Thelephora, and thus this bacteria name Thelephora bacteria. [1]

  Methods of food

  Thelephora bacteria desirability fried, meat and vegetables are advised. Fried, this bacteria tear filaments Wash green peppers silk, with addition of garlic and seasoning, fry Serve. This dish fragrant smell, soak into the depths of the heart and lungs, on the sweet fragrance of the mouth, intriguing and increased appetite.

  Dirty fried Thelephora bacteria is washed mycelium Baptist put the egg in the pan in the slip again, matched with ham silk lanterns hot wire, into the sweet, salty soy sauce, MSG seasoning stir-fried, fried after Sheng dish, topped with a little sesame oil, this channel plus the ham, stir-fried dishes, with the delicious taste of ham and bacteria.

  V. Boletus

  Basic Introduction

  Porcini mushrooms (commonly known as "goat liver bacteria), fungi collectively of Boletus Division and Songta Boletus subjects such as, in addition to a few varieties of toxic or bitter and not edible, most varieties are edible. Yunnan Boletus resource rich and famous, including white, yellow, black, excellent Boletus edible. White boletus growing in mixed forest of pine and oak between an altitude of 900 m to 1200 m, or cut down near the forest edge zone. Annual growing season to the end of May to mid-October, after the rain and sunny weather when growth more easily harvested. Black porcini taste delicious, nutritious, and the people of all ethnic groups in Yunnan like collecting Fresh Mushrooms cooking food. In addition, you can also slice drying, processing into various packaging black Boletus used to prepare a soup or do soy sauce extract. White Boletus began exporting in 1973, sold to the countries of Western Europe. In recent years, the yellow and black porcini exports.

  Scientific name: Boletus edulis Bull: Fr Alias: white boletus, Bigfoot mushrooms, buckwheat Pakistan Boletus edulis, also known as Bigfoot mushroom white Ngau Tau bacteria meat hypertrophy, delicate white, nutrient-rich, slightly acidic taste sweet delicious, flavor dried products, world famous quality edible fungi. addition, there are black beef liver, liver of dairy cows are allowed to eat. has good medicinal effect, according to medical records, delicious beef liver and cattle liver the the heat Chufan, nourishing, Herd cooling, tonic and refreshing effect for the treatment of backache leg pain, numbness, aching discomfort, twitching limbs disease but also treatment of women leucorrhea disease and infertility. anti-influenza virus and the prevention and treatment of colds.

  Nutritional Analysis

  1. Porcini mushrooms are rich in proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals;

  2. Boletus rare fungus, unique flavor, nutrition, disease prevention and control, physical fitness function, in particular, have a good effect on diabetes;

  3 In addition, the water extract on the growth of mouse sarcoma S-180 inhibitory effect on inhibition of sarcoma S-180 was 100% inhibition of Ehrlich ascites carcinoma was 90%, as well as anti- influenza virus, prevention and treatment of colds, China exported to Europe and the United States of famous edible fungi.

  Bacteria bacterial meat hypertrophy, stout stalk, and eating tasty, nutrient-rich, is a worldwide famous edible fungi. According to the analysis, 100g dry product containing protein 20.2g, carbohydrates 64.2g, calories 338 kcal, ash 4.0g Ca23mg P500mg Fe50mg, riboflavin 3.68mg bacteria with heat relieving tired, nourishing and in The Herd and cold, Shujin and blood tonic refreshing effect, is one of the raw material of Chinese patent medicine Shujin pills; gynecological medicine can cure women leucorrhea disease and infertility.

  In addition, there are anti-influenza virus, prevention and treatment of colds. Visible the Boletus edulis indeed is a fully functional forest fungi, food and medicine used along with the treasures. The often edible boletus significantly enhance immunity, improve the body's microcirculation.

  Postharvest handling

  Selected mushroom

  The field picking Boletus sometimes carefully mixed with bacteria, debris, processing prior to selection, different types of Boletus classification processing, respectively, in order to ensure the purity of the processed products.


  Rainy or cloudy days picking mushrooms in this high water content, Airing l-5 hours in a dry place, in order to reduce the moisture of Guti. Timely postharvest processing Boletus Beach should be well-ventilated place to dry.

  To miscellaneousWith stainless steel blades slashing the the stipe base the dirt, impurities, remove branches, deciduous, teasel and other debris, and to improve the clarity of the product.


  Boletus types of bacteria the size, the degree of openness of the pileus classification, can be divided into young mushrooms, semi-open umbrella mushroom parachute mushroom category classification slice processing.

  The slice with stainless steel blade along the stipe direction longitudinal cut into pieces, slice the require thickness uniformity as far as possible, slice about 1 cm thick, pileus and stipe together, cut corners and scrap with dried. Slice should not be rusty kitchen knife, otherwise it will affect the dry piece of color, lower quality.

  Pendulum piece

  Porcini slices Dried, dried must be reasonable pendulum piece placed shall bacteria chip size, thickness, and extent of wet and dry. Drying bacteria piece on the mats, window screen or clean the sun Pingshang the bacteria piece; drying emissions bake sieve, placed films avoid accumulation of overlapping pendulum.

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