Wild mushroom base Encyclopedia ( D )

Wild mushroom base Encyclopedia ( D )

Wild mushroom base Encyclopedia ( D )

  VI、 green head bacteria

  Basic Introduction

  The blue head bacteria mainly grow in the grass in the woods, the annual rate of 6 to 9 moonrise Ru. Just unearthed a bit like a sphere, then gradually expand Chengbian round. Bacteria cap texture sturdy, bluish green and white mixed like. Bacteria quality tender flesh-colored white, fragrant aroma, nutrients containing protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, sulfur, amine prime.

  Nutritional Analysis

  The blue head bacteria contain protein, carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B2, niacin and other nutrients.

  For the crowd

  Most people are fit for human consumption, especially suitable for eye diseases Sheng anger, depression and dementia in patients with eating.

  Therapeutic role

  Smell sweet, slightly acidic, non-toxic; Indications eyes unknown, diarrhea liver through fire, heat Shu gas, her qi, serving the most benign. Impatience, anxiety, depression, dementia illnesses have a good inhibition.

  Seven, Tiger palm bacteria

  The tiger palm growth of bacteria in the deep grass of the mountain cliffs, Yunnan Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture and a few places in the Lijiang area growth. This bacteria-free cover sessile bacteria is covered with a layer of fine hairs was brown, and black pattern, just like tigers, hence the name.

  The tiger palm bacteria bacterial stout mast, tender meat, rich in extracellular polysaccharide, not easily broken and nutritious. According to the analytical, the dry product contains 17 kinds of amino acids, which accounted for 41.46% of the total 7 kinds of essential amino acids, as well as 11 kinds of minerals and trace elements.

  Tiger palm bacteria bacteria sweet natured, Herd and cold, the effect of Shujinhuoxue, folk also used for aphrodisiac purposes, reduce the role of cholesterol in the blood.

  Tiger palm bacteria eat washed tiger palm bacteria cut thick wire with mung bean sprouts, ridge pork with wok with seasoned fried, then topped with cooked chicken oil, Serve "Yinya pork Tiger palm bacteria. " This dish fragrant, taste special is edible mushroom dishes superior.

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