Mushroom paradise" Yunnan will become the world wild fungus Trade Center

Mushroom paradise" Yunnan will become the world wild fungus Trade Center

Mushroom paradise" Yunnan will become the world wild fungus Trade Center

  On the afternoon of August 29, the fifth world mycorrhizal (wild) edible fungi conference was successfully concluded in Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture. During the meeting for several days, the experts not only investigated the current situation of wild fungi in Chuxiong on the mushroom mountain, but also introduced the fungus ecological situation in detail through the research report. We had extensive academic exchanges on the protection, development and utilization of mycorrhizal edible fungi, and put forward our own suggestions.

  At the closing ceremony, Professor Mario honrubia, the vice president of the conference and a famous mycorrhizal edible fungus expert from Malaysia, sincerely praised that Yunnan is a magical land and a paradise for mushrooms. These fungi and mushrooms are our favorites. He said that he hoped that the meeting would bring valuable experience to the rational protection and sustainable development and utilization of wild fungus resources in China. In addition, the general assembly also voted to elect Chile as the host country of the next general assembly.

  Development of problematic wild bacteria needs to be standardized

  At this session, experts, scholars and business people from relevant departments, scientific research institutes and institutions at home and abroad discussed the rational and orderly development of mycorrhizal edible fungi resources, accelerating the industrialization process of mycorrhizal edible fungi, how to improve the added value and core competitiveness of mycorrhizal edible fungi products in China and Yunnan, and the money problems existing in the world trade of mycorrhizal edible fungi, The development of the world edible fungi industry, the dynamics of the international edible fungi market, the current consumption situation and development trend, and how to stimulate the consumption of edible fungi in the domestic market were deeply discussed.

  According to reports, at present, collecting and selling wild edible fungi has become an important source for many people in ethnic minority areas to get rid of poverty and become rich. At the same time, it has driven the development of processing, trade and other related industries and played a positive role in promoting local economic development. However, at present, there are some prominent problems in the wild edible fungus industry in China and Yunnan, such as predatory exploitation of resources, unreasonable development and utilization, single development varieties of wild edible fungi, mainly export of primary raw materials, low content of product science and technology, weak market core competitiveness, weak food safety awareness of wild edible fungi, lack of wild fungus culture and so on.

  It is suggested to establish germplasm resource bank

  Combined with the next development of wild edible fungi industry in China and Yunnan, experts suggest that we should do a good job in the investigation of wild edible fungi resources and distribution, establish a wild edible fungi germplasm resource bank and carry out strategic reserve planning; Control, manage and protect wild edible fungi resources.

  Experts suggested that Yunnan should establish a wild edible fungi industry plan as soon as possible, use administrative means to uniformly manage and reasonably allocate wild edible fungi resources, use and mobilize academic elites at home and abroad, and build Yunnan into a world wild edible fungi resource center and academic research center, so as to lay a scientific foundation for building its own brand of Yunnan wild edible fungi industry. In addition, it is also necessary to improve the added value and competitiveness of wild edible fungi products in Yunnan in the international market, introduce, absorb and digest advanced concepts and processing technologies at home and abroad, and develop wild edible fungi products with high-tech content, so as to build Yunnan into the center of processing and trade of wild edible fungi in the world.

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