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  We are grateful for opportunities history has given our Kaysen people and allowed us to share the joy of success on the journey of pursuing the struggling goal of “One World, One Dream”. Kaysen cause has narrowed the distance of the world, enhanced the international food culture exchange, and turned the dream of sharing delicious food into reality.

  Some say we are hurricanes. During the development process of Yunnan wild fungus industry and vegetables, we can grow rapidly and become the bellwether of Yunnan wild fungus processing industry as well as the leader mastering market changes.

  Some say we are the sea. Because Kaysen’s bosom is as broad as the sea and can accept all kinds of talents. Here, every dream has a broad stage to gallop.

  Also some say we are a beacon. On the road marching forward through groping, we guide peers in the industry of Yunnan wild fungi to go ahead shoulder by shoulder and outline a beautiful scenery map on which the wild fungus industry is growing gradually.

  Indeed, when marching forward every step, Kaysen people make some exploration to the development of the wild fungi industry and it is just the exploration that interprets Kaysen’s people-oriented business philosophy, grants wild fungus industry development brand superior quality and forms the ordinary but profound development history of Kaysen.

  Today, internationalization and globalization have brought unprecedented opportunities for the development of Yunnan wild fungus industry. Kaysen people will be together with all excellent peers to share opportunities and meet challenges. Kaysen will adhere to the business tenet of “Seek Customer Satisfaction, Create Opportunities for Employees and Create Benefits for the Society” and provide service actively.

  Looking back, we feel rather joyful and excited; looking ahead, we are more full of confidence and hope.

  Shouldering the mission of making Yunnan wild fungi stronger and bigger and attracting global consumers, Kaysen people still have a long way to go. We are eager and convinced that a splendid page in the development history of Yunnan wild fungus industry will certainly have some important content left by Kaysen people.

  With dream in mind, pursue endlessly. Kaysen people will always hold the spirit of entrepreneurs and focus on promoting the mission of making Yunnan wild fungus industry stronger and bigger.

  Because, at our feet, every successful foothold is a starting point for a new journey.


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