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Corporate Culture

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  Oval Objective:

  To be the bellwether of the industry in Yunnan Province

  Culture Concept:

  Do things wholeheartedly, two cutthroughs, keep in mind three points, eight requirements and act immediately.

  Do things wholeheartedly:

  Form a cultural atmosphere of doing things inside the company; that is want to do things, able to do things, do things well, good at doing things together, and do the simple thing to the best.

  Two Cutthroughs:

  Join the superior and the subordinate, implement the company requirements, pass the voice of the basic layer; communicate with counterparts, coordinate, supervise and serve all departments.

  Keep in mind three points:

  Politics, Uprightness, Efficiency

  Act Immediately: Eight requirements, act immediately, that is:

  Stand in the right position: Clear Responsibility, Loyal to Duty

  Love Enterprise: Cherish Your Post, Devote to Your Work

  Confidence to Win: Most important things are simple things; doing simple things well means success. To take being excellent as a habit

  Experience Suffering: Reasonable requirements are exercise; unreasonable requirements are a kind of tempering. The more tempering, the more harvest

  Diligent in Learning: Knowledge comes from learning; insights from experience and wisdom from thinking

  Dare to Take Responsibility: Brave to take responsibility. When making some achievements can one ascend certain position; and when one stand on certain position, one should make more achievements

  Team Spirit: Unity is strength; trust your partner

  Optimistic and Positive: As long as you think actively, there are always more methods than difficulties. Just find ways for success but not make excuses for failure.


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