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Our Tenet – Quality for Survival – Strive to be the bellwether of the industry well through integrity, pragmatism and innovation.

“A mountain has four seasons and weather in two places with a distance of ten li is different”, which shows the mountain landform and climate characteristics different from that of other provinces and regions.

Yunnan has been crowned the titles of “Animal Kingdom”, “Plant Kingdom”, “Treasury of Medicinal Material”, “Natural Garden” and “Spice Town”.

Natural wild fungus has extensively distributed in our province, especially in the central and northwestern Yunnan, there are different spices and a huge quantity of of wild fungi. And there is mainly famous for matsutake, Chickenfir, bolete, Sparassis crispa and white mushrooms , which also have been renowned in overseas markets, entered overseas markets extensively and been deeply favored by consumers there.

Yunnan produces nearly 5,000 tons of wild fungi per year. The matsutake, chickenfir, Morchella, bolete, truffles, tiger-palm fungi, etc. exported to Japan, Southeast Asia, Europe, America and other regions amount to nearly 3,000 tons and foreign exchange earned through export reaches nearly RMB 120 million US dollars.


On March 3, 2010

 the company was established
03月 01日 2022

In July 2011

the factory construction was completed. A cold storage of 8,000 cubic meters, 2,000-square meter dry slice processing workshops, 2,000-square meter saline processing workshops, office buildings, dormitories and canteens were built and put into production
03月 01日 2022

In August 2011

the company set up: Enterprise management office, financial department, international business department, enterprise security department, enterprise equipment maintenance department and product technology R&D department, totaling seven
03月 01日 2022

In September 2011

the company built food safety management system documents and the food safety management team was set up at the same time
03月 01日 2022

From September to October 2011

the food industry production license and export sanitation registration certificate were transformed inside the factory
03月 01日 2022

On November 4, 2011

the company obtained the food industry production license
03月 01日 2022

On November 10, 2011

the company obtained the export sanitation registration certificate
03月 01日 2022

From July to December 2011

the company processed and sold as much as 500 tons of wild edible fungi, achieved over RMB 20 million of sales income and earned 3.2 million US dollars of foreign exchanges through export
03月 01日 2022

In June 2012

the company passed the certification of food quality safety management system and obtained the certificate of the ISO9001:2008 and HACCP.
03月 01日 2022

During September 19-23, 2012

the company participated in the 8th Pan-Asia International Agricultural Product Exhibition held by Yunnan Provincial People’s Government and the product “bolete slice” won the award of “Quality Agricultural Product”
03月 01日 2022

In October 2012

the company won the title of “Anning Leading Enterprise” by Anning Agricultural Bureau
03月 01日 2022

By the end of November 2012

the company processed and sold 1,000 tons of wild edible fungi, achieved over RMB 36 million of sales income and earned 5.5 million US dollars of foreign exchanges through export
03月 01日 2022


Address: 704-5A, Sheng Shi Ling Nan, 3609 Ri Xin Road, Guandu District, Kunming City, Yunnan Province, China


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